When a loved one dies, you want to say goodbye in a way that does justice to your relationship with the person.

A funeral arrangement is therefore extremely suitable. Especially if such a arrangement has something personal in it, so it fits well with the deceased, or the feelings you want to express yourself


Design a funeral bouquet


Huge grief Biedermeier


Hug me Biedermeier


Design your own funeral arrangement


Color full funeral bouquet


Emotional close funeral arrangement


Silence Funeral bouquet


Enjoying life funeral bouquet


Modern classic Funeral spray


Funeral flowers spray


Funeral spray Orchid 91307


Funeral spray white oval


Funeral arrangement spray white teardrop


Funeral arrangement White elegance


Funeral Bouquet spray


Oval classic grouped funeral arrangement


Funeral flowers red roses


Funeral Spray Exotic


Colorful oval Funeral arrangement


Funeral bouquet white


Funeral spray dynamic


Funeral biedermeier White roses


Biedermeier soft pink roses


Funeral biedermeier in Classic red


Frivolous white Roses funeral biedermeier


Mixed roses Funeral spray


Funeral spray oval White heaven


Oval funeral arrangement pink


Funeral arrangement in oval style


Teardrop of roses


Funeral spray oval white




Hart of red roses


Hart of white roses


Sweetheart pink Farewell


Coffin cover colorful soft roses


Coffin cover Red Naomi Roses


Coffin Cover with white Avalanche roses


Coffin cover mixed white flowers


Funeral coffin arrangement purple pink


Funeral Blanket of calla Lilly's


Funeral coffin arrangement


Funeral spray Warm red


Set of hearts


Sweet heart white


Baby star


Bear with little bunch of flowers


Funeral spray season


Funeral spray tropical orange


Funeral biedermeier spay in hot pink


Funeral spray biedermeier Navy


Funeral arrangement modern


Funeral spray soft pink


Funeral spray pink stylistic.


Funeral spray pink roses


Funeral flowers Familia


Funeral spray Gloriosa


Funeral flowers by style


Sympathy bouquet lilly


Sympathy Flowers


Sympathy arrangements soft colored roses


Sympathy bouquet "sorry"


Funeral Arrangements


Pillow of flowers


Funeral Cross of white flowers


Rouwkrans Ajour wit


Rouwkrans Ajour pink purple


Funeral wreath ajour


Wreath white for funeral


Verbonden rouwbloemen


Sympathy bouquet white


Sympathy bouquet colorful


Sympathy bouquet white


Sympathy bouquet Sunny


Sympathy bouquet Red Flavour


Sympathy bouquet orange emotion


Sympanthy bouquet De luxe Flowers


Sympathy bouquet Soft Lilac


Funeral arrangement Silence words Hart-shape


Silent word oval funeral arrangement


Wunderfull beauty Bear with flowers


Wonderful beauty Coffin flowers


Wonderful beauty Funeral arrangement teardrop


Great loss Star


Hug me Funeral arrangement Tear Drop


Emotional close-by Funeral Flowers


Funeral Bouquet Full of life (in a vase)


Lovely HART Funeral arrangement


Coffin Flowers, I miss you Funeral arrangement


I miss you Funeral arrangement Biedermeier


Eternal nature Flower Hart


Eternal Nature Fluneral arrangement


Summer Breeze Funeral Bouquet


Twilight funeral biedermeier


Landscape funeral Flower arrangement


Endless flowers Funeral arrangement


Endless flowers Funeral biedermeier arrangement


Hidden presence Funeral arrangement


Hidden presence Funeral bouquet


Eternal light Funeral arrangement


Eternal light Funeral biedermeier


beautiful moments Funeral arrangement


Wreath beautiful moments


Coffin cover beautiful moments


Casket decoration beautiful moments


Funeral arrangement beautiful moments Teardrop shape


Biedermeier beautiful moments

The funerals have a more personal nature. We believe that a funeral arrangement need not be. Sober by definition It's something comforting the relatives and may also have color. We have several examples of funeral arrangements, funeral pieces, mourning bouquets and sympathy bouquets on our site just for you and can provide you with professional advice.

Each funeral arrangement by Flowers.nl preferred florist in person with the utmost care and professionalism made ​​according to your wishes. Uitvaart-bloemen.com guarantees a perfect execution of your order. We are always and only use high quality flowers and materials. And of course, your mourning piece delivered by Uitvaart-bloemen.com at the right time and place.

We hope that we can take you hence a little care of everything and can contribute. To a dignified and fitting farewell

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